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Omaha Press Club 
1620 Dodge St, Omaha Ne, 68102-1561
(402) 345-8008
OPC membership is not limited just to the media. Membership is open to everyone. Our dues are among the lowest in the country for a private city club. We have much to offer for your membership including regular events, reciprocal club use, an executive chef providing fine or casual dining, free parking, free rooms for your private events and press conferences. You can become a member by simply filling out and submitting an application to the business office. You can have your membership billed to you on a monthly or annual basis. 
Dessert From April 27, wine dinner
Photos from our annual Ron Sailors culinary scholarship fundraiser, supported by the students at the Institute of Culinary Arts Metropolitan Community College Omaha. RSVP now for the 12th annual November 1, 2013
You must be a current active member prior to booking your event in order to receive member benefits.

<-- On-line Application
<-- On-line Application
McDermott's Face On The Barroom Floor April 16, 2014 - RSVP (402) 345-8008